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Alford, MA, and Jug End State Reservation, August 8th, 2015
A hike with three new friends, made delightful by long meadows and Pat’s musings on double dactyls and chiasmus. When I told her, with reservation, that I had written a poem about the so-called “fungi Internet,” she was very enthusiastic. I knew we’d become friends. She’s a wordsmith, classicist and writer, and she has a golden tongue.

For Maddy + our fellow hikers.

Lost texts decay
composting into unconscious
humus, loam,
mycelial network
decomposing into peat
saving bodies,
mind, fragments
of bark, pith, pulp
   “Fuck you,” he said
I should write into
the poem.
   But that was your
   prompt, I said
     He dropped it,
   left it on the
forest floor
to be taken up by
flowing in siloes
up arboreal torsos
pollinating one
   drinking in the
through new leaves.

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