Barnard College Poems by New Yorkers workshop, May 2015. It’s really nice when a group of adults all agree to write poems.

Why so late? hum, humm
Doctor’s gone? hum hum humm
Made me wait. Now it’s over.
hum, hum, humm
What you say? hum hum humm
No apology? hum hum humm
No escuses? hum
What abt my time wasted? hum hum humm
Reschedule? hum hum humm
Yes, you do. hum hum humm
Tuesday at 4. hum hum hum hum humm
Let’s walk. hum hum humm
Subway’s near. hum hum humm
You changed your clothes. hum hum hummm
So you were home?
Did you end early? hum hum hum hum humm
#6, 5 blocks? hum humm
Coming with me? hum humm
m m m m
Eat, drink or something else? hum
Say goodbye. BYE

Read a poem by Rowan M.

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