rescue the damsels in distress----_

Governor Clement Shelter, Appalachian Trail, August 15th, 2014
We saw him at the road. We assumed he was dropping off his son. What a surprise to find out that we had a rescuer, and how scary to read what he had imagined. We had simply veered off at a scenic overlook to have lunch. He’s a professor of political science and a lovely man.

Today was rescue the
   damsels in distress
It didn’t begin that way
you see there were these
   two women who were
   beginning their hike @
   VT 140.
I arrived only to say “hi”
   and they were off!
As I climbed the
   AT path up the
I could hear them
   laughing + talking
   up ahead
and then there was
   no more joyous
   banter to hear
Those women could
They just vanished.
   They smoked me.
I reminded myself to
   “hike my own hike.”

And then the damsels
   were screaming + crying
I could hear them up ahead
There was a dirt road
   along the AT + I
   feared for their safety.

At 71 years old saving
   damsels from violent
men, is not an
   enviable task…
But hikers come to
   one another’s aid
I pulled my bear spray
   at the ready +

Headed up the trail….
   only to find that the
   noise came from a
   bunch of guys putting
   up a cell tower.

How does on spell “relief”?
   It was I who was

About 7pm the damsels
   walked into camp
Safe, happy + demanding

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One Response to Rescue the Damsels in Distress: Buck M.

  1. jerry G. Dickason says:

    What a wonderful descriptive poem. I felt your relief when you realized you were the one saved. Sure hope this poetry exercise inspires you to write more, and not just on the AT. Jer

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