The loop at Jug End has some of the prettiest meadows I’ve ever seen.
In a former life it was the grounds of a resort hotel.
There is still a long beautiful masonry wall, worn paths,
and a fairytale fireplace and chimney in the woods.

In seventh grade I stayed at Jug End.
My science project about photosynthesis was failing.
In the morning I woke up and noticed the vase on the night table
had a plastic replica of the plant that had died.
I swapped it out and won first prize.

In high school I worked in Jug End’s kitchen.
I tied up two hundred chickens a day
and listened to the stories of the wiry dishwasher
who had been a tunnel rat in Vietnam.

On my favorite day we cooked a dumpster full of steamed clams at an outdoor banquet.
I cannot pinpoint the spot where we served.
I’m guessing it was near the north end of the stonewall.
These events are memories and ghosts.

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