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Damen Station, Chicago, August 17th, 2015
The first and only Chicagoans I asked. They are sister and brother and they were waiting at the Damen Station in Pilsen, a largely Mexican neighborhood in the south side of Chicago. She said no at first, but I recited Ava’s great poem Spushcacao and Christina agreed. Here is Christina’s poem followed by Juan’s. Christina is a nine year old who loves playing video games and eating Mexican food. Juan is a music producer.

In my school we
ovise learn about
everything. The thing
omost don’t lear is
cauting to 1 to 100
because we now that.

A day in the life of gotham city…

My dayly comutte, my dayly
comutte, it almost goes round
and round like the loop I
take to be in the place i’m
destined to. having levels of
demensions like the city that
i live in. Second city second
home from the ground up
rising from the fire it once
turned into. Chicago

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