The desert, somewhere near Death Valley, November 30, 2016
What is real these days? We live in parallel universes. Sometime an individual is in two universes simultaneously. The frisson between matter and anti-matter (as in “does it really matter?’) is a spark for creativity.
Andy is a stranger. We met on the Internet through the FB page of my book. He has been on an extreme top-secret mission with cameras, crew, lichens, drones and glaciers. It has been super fun being a fly on the wall of the laptop (now destroyed), even through you never know exactly what dimension you are seeing. One thing is for sure: Andy makes people laugh in both universes.

Infinite in the Desert

I’m Andy
It’s lucky I get to go here!
So flat and dry
You feel pressed
into the sky
It looks even more amazing from above

I wish we could find
more animals
No pumas in caves
a cute donkey snorted at me
The ground is a beautiful plane
of diverse rocks + crystals
that makes me think of nice friends

So thirsty!
But I pee 12 times a day!
Never hungry
snacks everywhere
so tired,
we got 4 more inventions to make

Won’t let me out
until I break this laptop
and have fun with it

I’m ANDYNEVERQuitmeyer
I just gotta get outta here!
There’s no air
The desert presses you
against the sky
The sun burns through any flesh

Ther’re beasts and dangers
Lions stalking an snakes
where ya walking
The ground itself will melt
you and your camera
you become jerky

So thirsty
gotta find water!
so hungry
gotta eat constantly!
So tired
gotta build this shelter before

Only way out
is to break this laptop
an do something weird

When they are
finding me
Mother Night
is whispering
“We are what we pretend to be”

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