Just a dream

1 train, 96th St. to 137th. Jan. 23th, 2014 MDA
A trip with a reporter in tow. I was in the zone, the one where I can pick a person on a crowded train and know they are my poet. Troi was the one. I rode past my station. I didn’t expect this. “Hey baby girl”… Maybe tonight? Thank you Troi.

Just a dream

“Hey baby girl”…
Is the voice I hear while
turning around.
I hear your voice but there is
no face. No face but there’s a
figure. A figure that’s floating
Dad is that you?
“Don’t worry baby girl”….
Your voice is getting louder.
the image has become clear now.
I see your face, that bright
wide smile is greeting me,
I reach out to touch you, but
then you disappear.
“It’ll be OK…”
Is the last thing I hear.
I roll over to turn off the
It was just a dream…

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2 Responses to Just a dream: Troi I.

  1. Troi Irving says:

    Hi Madeline! Thank you soo much for choosing me. I glad that you enjoyed my short poem about something so intimate and personal to me. I have tapped into the writer in me because of this opportunity. Again thank you!

    • Madeline says:

      Troi, I love your poem. I picked you out on the express, while I was working with another poet. My “brain finder” led me to you. Would you believe that I was certain that you would write one. This project is mysterious that way. I’m so happy that you made it into the Wall Street Journal!! Keep in touch and do exercise your gift. Madeline

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