Church Avenue Q train station, Jan. 18th, 2014
She is the sister of Benita, one of my wonderful former students. She is only 18. Hope for the future. An art student. We were meeting to film a dance troupe on the Q. Eight degrees, ninety minute wait, outdoor station. This poem was a bonus.

Title! It’s SO Cold!

Benita, Madeline and I
Standing, waiting, reuniting.
Old Acquaintances, new strangers.

Striped tapes along the chilled street,
Gum pressed amongst the sole of my feet,
Church Avenue, 9:19, Empty.

I wish my back didn’t feel like I was 90.
Youth, quickly passing, the cool tempered
Swish of the subway, the slowly paced bus.

I was told to write the poem, but I
think I’d rather dance. I was told I
should reveal, but I think I’ll tell a tale.

9:19, Empty, Church Avenue.
“Are you OK for time?” “Do you have a cat.
NO, NO, NO Cat, nor Dog, only
4 overgrown children.

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2 Responses to Title! It’s SO Cold!: Arielle T.

  1. Carrie Feiner says:

    I LOVE all the wonderful work you are doing!! Benita and Ari tell me you are the BEST. I hope I will get to meet you someday

    All the best
    Benita’s Mom (Carrie)

    • Madeline says:

      Carrie, such amazing children you have. I can’t wait to meet the rest of you. Thank you for the kind words. Arielle is amazing here. Benita is a GEM!

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