2 Train, Clark Street Station to 72nd Street, November 3rd, 2014
First one on the platform. I made a b-line for that tiny piece of paper and gave it a quick read. To my surprise the next person on the platform did the same, only he spent even more time reading it. A fellow reader of ephemera! I had to strike up a conversation. He was very jolly and very unsure about writing on-the-spot poetry, but he did not decline. He came around and wrote this with only two stations to go. Yay Alex. What a nice person. He’s a college student majoring in Communications, lives in New Jersey, and works part time in retail.

Business Card
Same station, twice a day
We all go on our way
Faking a brave face
Keeping up the pace
Strange to think pieces left behind
Could open up our mind
I’m starting to think
That as much as we blink
We should all stop to smell the trash, and not be
so rash

Read a poem by Florence S.

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