The weather channel says

Barnard Reunion, May 29th 2015
Howard is the spouse of a Barnard alumna and he and his wife had come to my classroom after hearing my presentation on the poetry project. I asked everyone who showed up to write poems. I mentioned how often subway poets have trouble with the last line. I think he did a good job. WOOF
After posting this, Howard wrote and explained that he is part a hiking group called KRAP: Kaiser Retired Associated Physicians, based in California. I got a glimpse of Bellini on the trail.

Howard then shared some comments from KRAP:
Bellini’s owner, a retired obstetrician/gynecologist): Alas! Bellini does not speak English or understand poetry. But she does know what is happening when I get out my backpack and water bottles and cover my nose in sunscreen. It is nice to know that she is now immortalized at Barnard in poetry.

“An eagle eyed retired radiologist noticed that the last line of the printed poem had ‘a’ instead of ‘at’ home.” Fixed! Woof

The Weather Channel says
        on Monday
  what the weather
will be on Thursday
Where to hike?
How high to climb?
Where to go after for beer
        (very important)
If you’re hiking
Reply to all
We know for whom to wait
Car pools planned on
someone is angry because
    the path
and Bellini must be left at home

Read a poem by Ling L.

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