Pattern Within Patterns

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, November 7, 2015
Friends on the Web but strangers in person. Ling and I met through the Facebook page of my book See Yourself Sensing. She is a very clever architect and game designer who sometimes posts fifteen comments that spark an entertaining back and forth design rant. We met for the first time in London, appropriately, at the Royal Observatory, home of the Prime Meridian and the origin of Greenwich Mean Time. We both wrote poems. She wrote this one in a linear fashion, and then decided to diagram it to allow for interpretation. I came up with this:

A world measured
by a tiny instrument
Longitudinal stretch into
Altitudinal infinity
Puzzles around me
And fragments of steel,
A simple model of the universe
captured by the law of gravity
We are small pixels divided by
the tick of a perfect mechanism
The world is made
PURE by the
capturing the
the law of physics.
Time is a pattern
Life are pixels
Life are pixels
Life are pixels

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