Riding the train to brooklyn---_-
A train, Fulton Street Station to High Street, October 14th, 2014

Two lovely answers in one day. She said, “Sure!” I asked, “What makes you say yes so readily and enthusiastically?” “I love the arts, anything to contribute.” That’s it, I thought. A willingness to contribute, to step out, to interact. This takes a certain confidence, a way of going about the world. I am posting two strangers back-to-back. Both are Brooklyn women, both are beautiful, both have a joy for life, an open spirit, and creativity that overwhelmed me. These are impressive women. I snapped the picture of Sheila just as the train arrived. Her hair blew across her face. It was a subway moment.

Riding the train to Brooklyn
will my wood floors
be completed?
Contractor blues are wearing
me down.
Brownstone living is
beautiful but oh so

Read a poem by Wendy W.

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