Trust is what we all seek from man__--

2/3 train, 72nd Street to High Street Station, October 14th, 2014
Wow! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and I had to ask. She said, “I would love to!” Now consider this: very few people answer in this way. That is a beautiful response to a wacky question. It is about an attitude to life, a confidence, an openness. Where normally I post a mother/ daughter or sister/brother, I am posting two strangers back-to-back. Both are Brooklyn women, both are beautiful, both have a joy for life, an open spirit, and creativity that overwhelmed me. These are impressive women. Wendy has worked in fashion merchandising and image consultancy. She is working on a non-fiction motivational book.

Trust is what we
    all seek from

Knowing How
    who will
    who can

A friendly smile
   hope personified

A look
   a glimpse
     love not denied

Smile your treasure
is within you

When you trust each time
life begins new

Read a poem by Lucia K.

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2 Responses to Trust is What We All Seek From Man: Wendy W.

  1. Maggie Malone says:

    Some of us are introverts, we hesitate, worry a bit when asked to do something surprising. But we’d like to. We also have beautiful if less bold spirits.

    • Madeline says:

      Well put Maggie. The introverts are wonderful to meet and write beautiful poems as well. I marvel, though, at the extroverts. I’m curious about them. This project has made me so curious about how people were brought up, how people develop their interaction styles. Thanks you!

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