Oh What a Magnificient Day

Fulton Street Station, February 10th, 2016
In the end, it is impossible to know what someone will write.
I was sitting on a bench at the Fulton Street Station during the morning rush hour. A man came by and sat next to me. He was wearing headphones, a leather jacket and mirror sunglasses, and he was very into his music. He was rocking his head and looking really happy. I wanted to listen to some of that. I tapped him and asked for a poem. He was very willing. I was sure he would write about music. Come to think of it, I guess he did. When he was done writing he said, “Thank you for the opportunity.” He’s a songwriter. I was struck by the photo I took of him while he was writing.

OH What a Magnificent Day
It’s Turnt Out to Be for Me –
A Day Fillt With Care, Compassion
And Happiness. All Because of Love.
Holy One There’s No Greater
Love Than To Be Loved By
You. UnConditionally True.
OH, What a Magnificent Way
To discover, Your Precious Love
For Me – ‘No Matter What
I May Go thru…’ Let’s
Me Know that Theres Nothing
That I Can’t And Won’t
Ever Get Thru; All Because
Of You…

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