we hustle and bustle_---

2 train, 72nd Street to Fulton Street Station, January 11th, 2015
Another New Yorker who just took the notebook willingly and started to write. I asked her why she was able to agree right and way when many people enter into a self-negotiation or one with me. “When inspiration hits, I do it.” She’s a native from Queens and she’s been writing poems since she was eleven. She loves to cook.

We hustle and bustle
through the winding
distracted by staticy
announcements that
no one can understand
Plagued by another
homeless man asking
for even a penny
There are no seats
available because rude
men sit gap-legged
and my back is hurting
from standing from
86th St. to 42nd St.
Rescue me from this
onslaught of rude, pesky
Maybe I’ll buy a car
maybe I’ll hire a limo
with a stuffy chaffeur
Or maybe I’ll just stay
home and watch Jerry

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