The happy hiker_-_

Poems by New Yorkers posting on holiday from the Long Trail / Appalachian in Vermont, Greenwall Shelter, August 12th, 2014
We were wet and freezing when we arrived at Greenwall Shelter after six miles in the rain. It was full of stoned thru-hikers who had taken a zero day. We set up our tent near Matt’s and invited him to sit under our tarp and chat. He was southbound, and hadn’t yet been anointed with a trail name. We suggested “The happy hiker” after this poem.

A toothbrush, a hat,
A dry pair of shoes.
A mountain. A view
Coffee and booze.

Northbound and Southbound
Fast friends you’ll be
Meet at the shelter
The spring or the tree.

Just enough food,
And maybe a book.
A ride into town
A fish on a hook.

Sunrise + sunset
Or sleeping till noon.
How lucky you are
You’ll be back + soon.

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