Best Small Town in America_-__

Poems by New Yorkers on holiday posting from Fuel Cafe in the Berkshires, July 9th, 2014
Not a complete stranger. We sit across from each other, he on the left, me on the right, comrades in taking up a cafe seat for way too long, in writing novels, and in poking fun at the status quo. He’s an independent filmmaker (Good Things To Life, about General Electric and destruction of the Housatonic River), a newspaper columnist for the Berkshire Record, and a fiction writer in the process of completing his manuscript. He can be found every Saturday, from noon to 1pm, at the main intersection of town holding up a sign that says, “Support Our Troops, It’s time to come home.” He has done this for the past thirteen years.

No one’s more lucky than me
To sit at this table
Seven days a week
Three Sixty-Five
Including X-mas
An iced latte for breakfast
Another for lunch
The very best coffee shop
In the Best Small Town in America
I didn’t say that
They did
The Smithsonian
Fuel in GB MA 01230
Writing my novel
A newspaper column
And now
The cherry on top
Asked to write a poem
About sitting at this table
In the Best Small Town in America

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