strange encounter__

A train platform, Fulton Street Nov. 21st, 2013
10PM, no real energy for a random encounter. I decided to ask someone who looked the part. He passed me as I completed that thought. He looked chill (can I use that word??): hip and relaxed. Approachable. When I walked down the platform he was leaning against a column. Bad timing. I approached him in the middle of a yawn:

Strange Encounter

  Rumbling wheels Roar in fast
pace while standing still +
  Mindlessly vibing to the
Saxofonist’s melodies playing
notes for quarters + smiles.
  Suddenly amidst my yawn
a strange solicitation for my
  I consider + contemplate
shy about photographs I agree
+ let the pen do the rest.

Read a poem by William P.S.

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