Outpouring of my emotion?

4/5 train, Nevins to 42nd, Nov. 7th, 2013
What gorgeous writing! When I left her I wondered if she had seen inside my head. She’s a musician, reluctant about her lyrics. How can that be?

of my emotion?outpouring2
well, isn’t that
what I do all day
Just on paper
Someone else’s paper
So here it is
On a road
Active, yet not the decision-maker
Seeking, yes,
but not desperate
Receivingoutpouring_3 Viewing only 2 feet in front of a
foggy road at night
Coasting, blind but comfortable
I know the answers are here
I trust
For once
A road slips off to the right
I follow a bit
And it leads to
Beautiful people
Bright experiences
New growth
Pleasure, sweetness, control,
loss of, smiles, pain, learning
grasping, writing, thinking
Another branch on tree of meAnd the road curves gentlyoutpouring_4
back in
And we’re coasting
And quiet
Until the next experience
This one off to the left
Longer, weirder, funnier,
More to learn, more to sigh about
More love
More awe
And we’re back
Centered and spinning w/ the
thrill of these experiences
No, re-harmonizing
Over and over
Tree after tree
branch after branch
leaf after leaf

Would my twin be an adjacent
trunk? Twisting w/ mine?
Our leaves falling and melting
into the earth together?

Aren’t all of us adjacent?
Blowing around and laughing and
learning together
Great + small trees
leaves co-mingling in life,
And beyond?

But for now, beyond isn’t
Here, Now IS
This is the only experience that
And after this, I will get back
on my path
Having done
This is not survival
This is Life

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