it's snowing right now
Dumbo Cafe, Januadey 14TH, 2017
He’s a Disney animator on an adventure. He purchased a one way ticket from LA to NYC. This was his first NYC snow. Snow equals love for many of us.

It’s snowing right now, the kind of snow
that you hear about and only see on the
silver screen. My hot tea reminds me
of your hugs, warm and makes me glow
from the inside out. You would love
this cafe I’m in. The sounds, accents,
smells. So much is going on around
that you can’t really focus on one thing.
so it becomes white noise. And that’s
the best. It forces your mind to wander,
on topics and memories you thought had
been lost to time.

and that’s wha has happened now. I don’t
know where you are. Or what you’re doing.
but this white noise, this warm tea and
fluffy new snow

has made my mind wander to you. again.

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