a silent God, pass no judgement--_--

Fuel Cafe, August 6th, 2015
Is intelligence palpable? I think so. I felt hers, saw the notebook and the backpack. A thru hiker who’s not got her eyes closed to the experience. On the Appalachian Trail there’s a tendency to become goal-oriented, to miss the places where your mind can travel, to miss being still. I have been to this spot twice recently. She captures the place where sky, water, earth, mind and body meet. I’ve been there twice recently. Once I missed the magic. The next time I watched the fog dance at 6AM.

“He borrows gods words,
to tell me: who I am,
whom I should be,
How I become.” She said.

I thought while taking off my bra,
Why judge my breasts,
too big, too small, too used,
too erect, too unique, too.

I leaped from the dock,
The lightening floating between
Land and sky, vision and imagination,
Blind bravery, I’m made of the same.

Actions, so bold-men run
from the rain to shelter,
I lay my wet body down on the dock,
Sink one hand into the water,

Lighting the sky, the eye,
of the storm looking back,
The silent one smokes,
Flicks the cherry, delicately.

As the sizzle passes,
briefly we belong to pleasure,
Smoke ring gracefully floating,
the surface of the water.

I surrender the moment,
It surrenders to the mindful,
We are water, endless water,
She may be silent, she maybe.

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