young girl----

Fuel Cafe, July 30th, 2015
He was drawing at the table by the window. I walked by two times to try to see his work. An hour later I asked. He did a drawing then handed the notebook back.
You want words too?
I paused for a moment, wondering if a drawing with no words is a poem.
Yes words.
I love drawings and words. If I see you drawing or writing frantically, I will ask you.
Jeff draws and paints with tempera.

Girl     unknown
never     knowing
going     somewhere
growing    somehow

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4 Responses to Young Girl: Jeff K.

  1. Jeff Kramer says:

    Thanks. Looks pretty good.

  2. Walter Row says:

    Well done, Jeff. I like the look and feel to this poem very much. Wally

  3. Dexter Bonda says:

    Every time I ride the subway, I ask a stranger to write a poem. Poems by New Yorkers ?

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