Brooklyn cafe, January 2nd, 2017
First poet of the year! She was journaling, I thought. I half-predicting a no, but feeling optimistic I slid over to her couch. I had it all wrong – she was brainstorming a new video. She was hesitant at first. She works with images, not words. She sat with the notebook nearby for a few hours, then wrote this glimpse into her upcoming surreal narrative. “You can’t see him” and “he can’t see you.” Lovely. Take a look at her gorgeous photographs and videos here.

Objects to Light up.

– Tea Cup – Parent / Mother
– Chair – Intro love interest
– Jewelry /necklace – You can’t see him
– lightswitch – Intro
– Apple – yourself
–        – he cant see you
– painting – The final interaction / heartbreak

Read a poem by Alex K. P.

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