someday I shall die while putting my syllabi together_---_

Dumbo Cafe, January 4th 2017
Thyrza works in my cafe. I saw that line on my FB thread. I went to her couch and asked her to write a poem. Macabre, but yes, we all gotta go sometime, and someone will go writing a syllabus. They are necessary, but they are a vacation killer. Coordinators hunt you down. You feel the days of freedom diminishing. I am working on mine now (not). I avoid them as long as possible. Then, in a glorious hustle, I make it fun and get them done. Thyrza and I compare notes. Between the two of us, we must teach half the courses in New York City.

someday I shall die while putting my syllabi together

week by week
the pain of
spins my head
until you

yes, you

dear student

find me dead

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