It's nice to know

G train, Hoyt Schermerhorn to Metropolitan Ave., March 20, 2016
I couldn’t find the station. I asked him and he pointed the way. Such a simple interaction always makes it ten times easier to ask. When I saw him down in the station heading the same way, I asked him to write a political-themed poem. I lost him in the subway car, and wandered around the crowded train looking people in the eye, trying to recognize him. Oh no, that notebook – number 12? – did not have my name and number. I squeezed off at Metropolitan and saw him exiting the next door. The next night Adam’s poem, along with one by me and one by Anthony S, was on WKCR’s The Monkey Cage. Adam is a film editor for television.

It’s nice to know
That years from now
When we’re all old
And wondering how
It ever ended up like this –
A plastic, banal truth of abyss,
Where lies are just a point of view
Depending who it’s spoken to
And nuance is the type of thing
That few could care remembering
It’s nice to know that we were there!
When dreck and sloth came self-aware,
(but at least the TVs will be really nice).

Read a poem by Sam P.

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