I would love if one day I were able to (factually) say __----

New York, New York, September 12th, 2015
Friends are sending me unsolicited poems! This changes the project slightly, but the more poems the merrier. She is a native New Yorker, and one of the brightest minds I know. She just named her new fish Arnauld.

I would love if one day I were able to (factually) say that
  “I have a great friend named Arnauld in Paris”.

Here you are:

Fraught, wrought, caught
Full of ability, fragility, lability
The need for control is a powerful role that takes such a toll
Your greatest gift comes when you shift and hopefully drift
Away from your goal, out of your hole, into your soul
Where you will find a passionate mind
On the mend, willing to bend
That will not break
What’s at stake
Is your heart, your art, your part
In the lives of others, as a mother, a lover
Alone is a state that will always abate if only you wait
For it to pass and then, alas, you will have a blast

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