My Legs__-_
Cafe, Great Barrington, MA, June 18, 2016
He came in with all of his gear and started writing in his journal. As it turns out, he is starting a journey related to my own: talking to strangers. He will be biking across the country, having conversations about climate change, and posting audio. You can follow his project here. He’s a bright spark with a friendly disposition and, though a recent college graduate, a great deal of experience in advocating for the environment. I wish him great success and not too much lactic acid.

My legs
God, my legs.
They’re still working
At least.
Maybe I take that for granted.

Maybe I take a lot for granted.

Granite boulders
A clearing
A field.
And then they’re gone.

A memory
of distance covered.
the feeling.
Oh God, my legs.

Read a poem by Christina T.

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