I am left-handed____

2/3 train, Atlantic Avenue to 14th Street, June 24th, 2013
I had come from the Department of Motor Vehicles. She was writing in a journal. People already engaged in writing are generally very easy going. She agreed immediately. I was a little disappointed that she had written on the back of someone else’s poem, but she said I’d see that it was important.

I am left-handed, so I always
prefer the left page. I like it
when the train stops and my
hand is more stable, so I can actually
read what I write. But I would
write anyways.
Today I am writing to concentrate
on what I am about to do this
afternoon, sometimes I write to
understand what I just did.
But today is about what I am
going to do.
I like the midday train, it’s
empty. It is a good space for
I think, I’ll stop now and get
back to my thinking about this

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