C train 23rd St. to High Street, Jan. 6th, 2014
“Can I borrow your pen?” he asked. Yay! It’s so much easier for me to ask when a dialogue is in progress. A very nice man–a photographer. Now I just looked on his website, http://www.peterangelosimon.net, and he’s done a number of amazing books including this well known photo essay: Muhammad Ali’s FIGHTER’S HEAVEN Inside Ali’s Deer Lake, PA, training camp, August 1974. Yes! Another trip around the sun.


        Wheee! Begin another
     trip around the

        Celebrations now
     behind us,
        facing a fresh run.

        I’m half expecting
      to be toasted
        like a bun
        I hope not. If so
     I’ll hop off before I’m done.

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