polar bear is ice__

2 train,  72nd street to Clark St, Jan. 1st, 2013,

The last poem of 2013! I saw Joey’s family and changed seats to be next to them. He wrote like a natural. I later found out from Joey’s mother that I had inspired his first poem. Yay! Pass the inspiration please.

Polar bear is ice and
cold, rolling ’round in the

Caught a seal, in the ice,
Bon-appetit, won’t that
be nice.

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2 Responses to Polar Bear is Ice: Joey M.

  1. Mary-Fran Connelly says:

    This poem is very good. Keep it up. A lot of people want to read good poetry like this. I was 7 when I wrote my first poem. I didn’t have money for a present for my big brother. Now I’m 63 and still make my living writing.

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