I'm fed up with the system, Poems by New Yorkers

 Sept. 13th, 2013
The F train
was stuck. Electrical problems. Everyone was getting pissed off. My neighbor was annoyed, but in a light and humorous way. I asked her to write. She whipped out the draft. I usually don’t read them until I get off but she said, “Go on, I’m not shy.” She has an amazing gravely voice. She recited the poem on video:

275 – man alive!
They’re killing us
with this fake subway ride!

All this cake
and it still doesn’t
Talking to other
is the only kinda fun.
How do poor folks
go anywhere?
under this
oppressive system
and the elitist glare?
I’m fed up with
the system…why
can’t we go 4 free?
I just have to accept
the fact—no love 4 U or me

so I’m hoping a
new mayor
with a heart of
flesh comes in
not the cold-hearted
bastard now
who wants no one
but him to win.

My hope is that
This new guy
Has compassion
under his skin
and knows that
how we treat
the least of these
is humanity’s
sunlight in
I love NY anyway!
That’s why I’m getting
Pimped! today

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