upon my feet_

Fulton Street Station, A train to Utica Avenue, April 28th, 2016
I noticed her outfit first: rabbit fur coat and satiny black pants. Fun and elegant for late April. I thought maybe she was a man. She is very tall. But when she spun around I saw her mysterious face, and thought that she might be a poet. She had a notebook with five lines spaced across it. I asked if she wrote poetry. She said she was a lyricist. She’s just joined a band. I rode past my stop while she wrote this:

upon my feet like it’s
a brand new day
raindrops of sun
fall slowly

and gently
I’m like a newborn baby
walking through Harlem
as if it’s my first day
walking through Harlem

and i’m …. in love
with him..
with them
with him
so new
so far from
what I know, so far from
in Harlem
+ he makes my days brand new

Read a poem by Julie H.

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