Brooklyn Heights, December 16, 2015
I marveled over my neighbor’s book. See it there in the photo? It’s gigantic. Who has such a big book nowadays? She must be a lawyer, I thought. Later on in my cafe studies, I asked. It was The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance. It’s a translation of the bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. She was reading it for a theology class. She’s a triple major: philosophy, theology and economics. Hurray for giant books and LOVE and ambitious students!


What can a dictionary do?
Words communicate,
but do they really?
Love – that famous word,
is more ambiguous than
     Simone Weil.
I LOVE chai lattes,
true love lays down its life,
Lovers love and mothers too,
words can’t speak or feel,
but we can.
     We must
Try to translate soul
with lip and pen.

Read a poem by Aki N.

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