2 Train, 72nd Street to Clark Street, March 12th, 2014
Last Thursday I got on the train and noticed a man in a hat. He was uncharacteristically bright-eyed and open. A few minutes later he spoke to me. “My Granddaughter says that she wrote a poem for you.” I looked at her. Yes! It was Stella. I loved her poem but I could not contact her. Her babysitter never Emailed me back. I only publish children’s poems with permission from the parents. Stella, a third grader and gymnastics star, had recognized me from March! Grandpa wrote a poem too. I’ll post that next.

Today was very fun it
was also very sad it
was awesome it was
bad I hated today,
I don’t know

Read a poem by Rios O.-T.

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2 Responses to Today: Stella W.

  1. robert wong says:

    LOVE THIS POEM! Ok. I’m biased. I’m Stella’s dad:)

    • Madeline says:

      You’re a lucky man! It’s a great poem and Stella is amazing. How did she recognize me? OK I was holding a notebook and maybe I was scoping out the train, but it wasn’t the same cover. As I said to Grandpa, she’s one sharp tack.

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