someone love to hate and hate to love_-_-

3 train Fulton St to 96th Street, Septermber 22nd, 2014
Maybe it’s because of the summer break, posting from the Long Trail, or maybe it’s the disturbing events taking place around the world. For whatever reason, it’s harder for me to ask for a poem, and New Yorkers seem less open and receptive, or so I imagine.
She was one of the rare ones, said “yes” with no hesitation. I asked her what it was about her that allowed her to do so when the majority equivocate. “It doesn’t hurt, it’s convenient, free-spirited, so New York.” She’s a registered nurse, a warm and out-going person.

Welcome to New York City
Subways, where the trains
are like one after another.
Everyone is from some where
else and yet we all have
similarities. This is the
great city where someone love
to hate and hate to love.
At the end of the day out
of many countries
we are still one and it
all happens here and takes place
on the subway. We will
always keep you guessing N.Y.

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