I am famous to the trees

Poems by New Yorkers posting on holiday from Monument Mountain in the Berkshires. August 14th, 2014

Zoë is the sister of Alex – Poems by New Yorker’s first sister / brother simultaneous poems. I would have posted her poem next to Alex’s but she was caught in the hurricane that hit Baja, Mexico, and all communication was down until a couple of days ago.
I’m so sad to report that I lost notebook number 10. I needed Zoë’s second page and so she reconstructed it. Often overnight edits make the poems fussy and awkward, but I like the way this redo turned out. Wishing you and your friends a quick recovery Zoë!

I am famous to the trees
who look over me
who have known me
I was born
the terrible
act of birth
before the DNA
fought for its right to be seen.

Under their patient arms
I grow
and let go
of the need
the pressing

to become
beyond the destiny
of trees.

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