1 train and more, September 11th, 2015
This was for an assignment I gave on the first day of class, so Adam was a stranger. I asked the students to journey by subway, foot and bus, and to write a poem. Adams stayed out all night and wrote this vivid movie. He is the real deal: bright student, experienced military man, ace navigator, poet.

Pre-Departure Checklist
1. Crew Rest: 38.5 hours of wakefulness /
2. Pro Gear:
dirty shoes /
Slightly off putting Body Odor/
Tactical Man Purse /
Head Phones / – cause I’m mutha fuckin’ spying on The city.
(Fuck Missed The Train!)
3. Cigs & Jameson //
“Check Complete”
Plan – Ride 1 to Xfer station + Get Lost ^ Walk ^ Get Lost Find Bus ^ Don’t
Get Put in Jail + Call Wife + Above All Look w/Fresh Eyes & Write
Be Awesome!
Hunch Back of the smart phone
How do people inhabit it?
Mass & Void
The ice on the whiskey
Inside this horizontal tumbler
Do the sprits young & old know
In the rack on the back & under the Bar.
Some Aged to a mild sweetness
Loud Persians
Harken Prayer Group Walk me downs.
The train stopped
My fellow Citizens of the 3 train don’t fret
I’ve…. got to Pee
Push the Stock
Right Shoulder Port Authority Porter Pride
There’s gonna be Blood All over his body
Nice Smile

Union Jobs Have Dental.
Intimate Napkin dispenser Setting
3 wks Notice
Free Tickets to the 1 man show
Post PABT-Wife Break
Canary dots disrespected dust conducting
50 Warnings
Bow Nod Private neurons
Alertly ignoring amplified
High Score Loneliness
Jiggle Wiggle
God- Subterranean Named Steve or Sam
Different denominations all obediently worship
Dad arrived home
Digital dungeons
Lonely Respectfully CTRL-ALT-DEL
We all must abide & Rise to Restart
Unplug the blister trade
The cattle car cathedral’s ceiling is chipping, cracked
Charge nothing but downward the chariots cardinal Alter is below
Tetris People
Polycarbonate policy predestined
Ritual Ride for the card carrying commuter
The Cathedral
It a Big Small City
NOLA to Bayonne
14 is the age of Manhattan
The South Rises Again.
Queens Cops are Bulldawgs
Concrete Bar
Juxtaposed to steel Bar Back
Rivellets of the Brown Liquid Life Blood
Dribbles-Puddles & flows down to Steve or Sam or whoever
Lubricate the cathedral
So the diety can ferment the fruits of the falling fog

This is not NOLA
46.00 a night in Chinatown
Shared Bathroom … illuminated by the frugal conversation
Is this Jacob’s Neighborhood?
Sit & Observe
I hour Tropical 128
Vans Size 10 V* & 305 cu in
Broom & Elizabeth
Noticed-Seen-Not disturbed
Bag’s Baby Boom
Illness, squalor, Eco-Hero?
When will we trash the trash
Painful Stillness Visibly Invisible
Anniversary of the Towers
Parades & Paki Taxi Flowers
These are Jacob’s neighbors now
Fuckin Awesome Awkward!
Illegible walk about
Sounds of the 1,2,3
Ho So Nothing
Watch the tower
Mystical in the Fog
The City Never Sleeps
But it does nap
PABT is for Me
MTA Clean up Crews
Change Cars?
Locked Doors PABT no more
Lights of the Garden illuminate the path to Aqua-Awesomeness
Uber Lost
II September 2015
Twitching Eyes focus on the New Sky
The Glow do the dead know
Pray Caliphate Community
Push to Stay
Find absurd
Self Indulgent Society or Self

Weak Knees Motivate Me home while
The City opens one eye
Sleep I can no longer Defy
I’ll do this again and again
Until I get it Right
Good Fucking Night!

Read a poem by Anthony S.

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