one of humankind-------

3 train, Clark Street to 42nd Street, April 23rd, 2014
He looked up at me when I sat down. That is always a good start. He gave me his One-of-Humankind business card and asked if he could Email me a poem. But then he started writing down his job descriptions, and fell into the writing. The last line is among my favorites. When he detrained he was elated and said, “I love you.”

Scientist, philosopher,One of Humankind__
researcher in international,
global affairs,
problems facing the
United Nations
I serve the whole
humanity as for one
family. I do all I can
to prevent
coming global
catastrophe. I developed
suggestions for the United
Nations reform.
I try to organize a
life of humanity into
a more just, truthful
way to live. The crimi-
nals afraid me in
vain because I
will make a life more
prosperous even for
them and they will
not need to commit
crimes to live
Since January 1998
I have applied for the
post of Secretary-General
of the United Nation

Thank you!
With love Leonid

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