The musical melody of hooves_-_-

Fuel Cafe, Great Barrington, MA, May 2, 2015
A magical day! Frustrated by the temporary destruction of the town’s ongoing “renovation,” and the dust bowl the Best Little Town in America had turned into, the owner’s of Fuel made an impromptu western town in front of the cafe including horses and wagon, hitching post, goats and scores of towns people in full western regalia. Marja won the prize for me. She was an amazing cowboy. I took this picture of her, ran into her today and asked her to write a poem. Even crossdressing cowboys sing the blues. Ye haw!

The musical melody of hooves
trotting the way.
A horse drawn carriage to
brighten the day
They’re ready to steer,
make way for the mare.
Boots, bandanas, and a stache
for flare.
It’s a Hoedown at Fuel,
give me a “YE-HAW-HOORAY.”
As we re-inact history on
a brand new day.
Soo let’s boot, scoot and boogy
1, 2, 3.
To the cowboy hoedown
here in GB.

Read a poem by Maciej A.

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