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2 train, November 25th, 2013
Sweet poem! The train propels forward and so does time. Cherish the joy of the bright lights and the waving at passengers through the window.
Daun was in the US Navy for ten years and is now a nursing student. She writes books for children.

Tiny tot, so easy to lose,
in the fast busy city.
Young strap hanger, so tender
don’t bruise!–
She must ride with care,
so gently.
Singing her song, loving the
the young traveller siezes the
Her mom watches on, guiding to
bright lights
as the straphanger paves her
own great way.

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One Response to Munchkin Rider: Daun J

  1. winzley says:

    This is too cute, we mothers can relate. Great job sister, keep up the good work.
    And that baby girl is so adorable, a real munchkin

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