in the mirrored elevator_-_-

Clark Street Station elevator, August 12th, 2016
A man with a pink rose walked into the elevator, followed by a woman in a pink jumper. They stood apart – strangers. Overwhelmed by the narrative possibility of the pink and by the charisma of the two, I asked if I could take their picture together. They jumped into the role. Down near the platform everyone uploaded the pix. Mara and I got onto the train together and I asked her to write a poem.

In the mirrored elevator

A metallic moving box

3 souls connect

As the artist merged the colors

In the bustling heat of New York City


Here’s the photo:

in the mirrored elevator










Read a poem by Regan H.


4 Responses to In the Mirrored Elevator: Mara M.

  1. EmergingWriter says:

    What a beautiful moment of connection and the poem captures it perfectly. It’s so refreshing to know that humanity is still alive and well in an increasingly impersonal world. I got misty-eyed! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Kris says:

    This poem is elegant and effortless, just like the poet herself. I would love to hear more from here– would anybody happen to know who this lovely young lady is? A baby main of some sort perhaps?;)

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