Job Number One

Q train, Beverly Road to Atlantic Avenue, Nov. 6th, 2013
Leaving a friend’s, a woman asked, “Which way is the station?” Of course I had to ask her; the slightest interaction makes it so much easier. She didn’t know what to write: “I clean houses.” “That’s great, why not explain your day?” “I’ll do it at the platform, not here.” “The parents at school don’t know what I do.” How many riders are embarrassed by what they do? How do we create an environment in which people feel valued?

Job number one at my work, stop
at Downtown Brooklyn.
drop my bag start clean
the kitchen bathroom
laundry go up stairs
make the beds, vacuum
look around to make sure
everything was perfect in
my eyes. Leave at 3PM
get picked up by Sophia
start another cleaning
for the first time, at huge
house. I thought for once
this is never going to happen
but when I got started
it seemed to be going well.
I got into the rhythm.

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