I can't believe I met you

2/3 Train and Fulton St. platform. Dec. 17, 2013.

She had that open look. Was it happiness? I could tell she was on a roll, so I got off the train to let her continue. She put her foot up on the rail and hunkered down. So many New Yorkers are in love.

I can’t believe I met youI can't believe I meet you2
I can’t believe we fell in love
It’s crazy how much I love you
there’s no doubt you were sent from above

In such little time you got me
I fell for you so hard
love asked me no questions
it just seemed to swipe the card

The card that purchased my freedom
freedom that I find in you
freedom to live and love
to be myself stay true

You make the future exciting
I live for the thought of us
The possibilities are endless
All we have to do is trust


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