2/3 train, 96th st to 42nd. January 24th, 2014
I saw Tracey in the middle of the car, her warm face, fun hat and smile. I did a very inconvenient squeeze to get to her, and forced the Ramsey, the Wall Street Journal photographer, to shoot between ten elbows. She sent me an edited version. Here are both:

Version 1

Hustle, tired struggle,
over it!….Sad,
despair, alone,
me, you, everybody:
Why? What’s the
Will I ever know?

Version 2

Hunger, hustling
Survival, struggling
Breathe, running, stop
Time passing…
Alone, longing
Empty, consuming
Covet, wanting
Breathe, running, stop
Time passing faster now…
Waiting, for who? what?
limitations, multiplying
Need, yearning
Even faster
Breathe, running, stop,
Still hoping for me
Searching and searching
Time is racing
Faster, faster, faster
Expectations narrowing
Reconcile, realizing
Reality, all of us

Read a poem by Aliya H.

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