2 train, Fulton to 72nd Street, May 31st, 2018
She was humming. That’s always a good sign. She was kind to everyone, and in such a good mood.

Growing in grace

I have been rejected
and scorned by strangers
family, Religion has
not been kind but
still I am fine.
I’ve been on a long
journey alone for
34 years now. I no
what it is to be
at the lowest of
lows and the highest
of highs never did
drugs alcchol
stole from no man
yes I still stand
Proclaiming the
true source of my
the great trinity
father son + Holy Spirit
has given me favor
I am a greatful
soul because I no
to suffer Brought
humbleness and great knowledge
when i hear people
who have every thing
ending there lives
I say I’ll take life
the bitter with the
sweet as ms Maya
Angelo wrote in
her poem. through it
all yet still I

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