color, explosions

Beartown State Forest, Massachusetts, October 5th, 2014
This was written in the trail log book. First sisters post, first twins. They are not strangers. They are my daughters. I include them because they were not prompted to write a poem. In that sense, they were strangers to me. This project inspires them. They inspire the project. It was a spectacular day. They had never before walked among the leaves on a trail. Ariel loves nature. She has discussed the woods in beautiful terms and with deep feeling since she was a little girl. She writes often about her pet zinnia, Daisy, and her end.

Color, explosions,
Why have I been deprived
of this wonderland?
Acorns fall, and leaves float.
Lily pads rising and sinking,
against the pines and birch.
This is a secret. a
cozy, warm place. This is true

Read a poem by Flora S.M. (Snow runner)

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One Response to Color, Explosion: Ariel S.M. (Metronome)

  1. Zoe says:

    So Beautiful. This poem is true beauty. Made me miss the east coast autumn. I was so surprised, but then, not at all, to read that this was your daughter!

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