Is it worth it?____

3 Train, Clark Street to 72nd Street, June 17th, 2014
We shares a chuckle. The Clark Street elevator brings out the worst in people. I’d like to have a party in that elevator one day. Ann seemed nice, and she was put together and wearing sequins. When we smiled at the platform, I asked. She’s a recovering lawyer, now working in legal administration.

Is it worth it?
Closing the door on a
limping man
Rushing to catch the
subway elevator?
Frantically pushing the
“close door” button
while he rushes
painfully toward the
closing door?
Is your day so
important, those
extra two minutes so
mission critical?
Are you a brain
surgeon, trauma
specialist, astronaut…
rushing to save a
life or make a
world altering discovery?
I doubt it..I
really doubt it….
I’m sure your life would
be much improved if
you slowed down, had
a little compassion,
and realized how foolish
you look to your
fellow subway riders.
Take a deep breath
next time, say a
quick “omm,” namaste,
whatever works for
Peace out, frantic lady
on the elevator!

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