on my way from brooklyn----

Borough Hall Station, 2/3 train, March 9, 2014
I was escorting seven ten-year olds so I did not expect a poem. My neighbor on the bench chimed in about the Super Fund for the Gowanus Canal so I took the opportunity to ask. She was a fresh wind and a granddaughter of Brooklyn.

On my way from Brooklyn,on my way from brooklyn__
New York – my hometown
to Manhattan which we
used to call Going to
the City.

My grandmother was born
In 1879 in Bklyn. She
was a wonderful woman, who
lived on Putnam Avenue in

I was born on a Sunday in
1938 in my parents’ house on
the same block.
I took the Nostrand Bus
on the corner to Brooklyn

I now live in Boerum
Hill about 3 blocks from
where my grandparent
rented an apartment in the 1900’s.

It’s wonderful to be a
My grandmother’s view
was Brooklyn should never
have joined the other
boroughs to become New
York City.

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2 Responses to On My Way From Brooklyn: Ray C.

  1. Teresa Clark says:

    This is my mother in law. She was born and raised in New York. She is very proud of being a New Yorker. She could tell you just about anything and everything here is to know about Brooklyn.

    • Madeline says:

      I LOVE your mother in law!!! She is the real deal. Fresh Brooklyn wind!
      Now you have to get her on the Internet!!!

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