3 train, April 30th, 2017
“As promised.” What a nice phrase. Jeanette was seated on my left. It was the usual commiseration about something or someone on the train that led us to start chatting. I asked and she agreed to write a poem, but she said she’d write and send it later. That doesn’t always yield a poem, but Jeanette had that creative sparkle and I believed she would follow through. A few days later I received an email with the subject: as promised.
Jeanette is executive coordinator, director’s office at The Studio Museum in Harlem. She is planning a workshop about unmasking.


Today I unmask –
become vulnerable,
I take off my wig,
take off my make up –
take off my fur coat and
put down my designer bag.
I’m not the representative anymore-
meet my authentic self.
Hello World!

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One Response to Unmasking, Jeanette W.

  1. Baba Jay says:

    Great job Iya. Much love for you.

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