Today is a good day--___

2/3 train, 96th Street to Clark Street, November 13th, 2013
Some people are electric. I don’t remember where she got on, but I noticed her immediately. She steered toward me with her floppy head of multi-colored hair, eyes in a book. She leaned over and wrote intently.

Today is a good day. I

actually walk through most

days feeling good – seeing what’s

around me, smelling the sights,

tasting the surroundings. I really

want to see what’s directly in

front of me not behind. I’m a

sucker for yesterday & sentiment.

That’s all fine but now is in

my control – more or less. I alter the

past with my romantic tendencies,

glistening & sparkly in a haze

of how I want to

remember the past. Cut the

strings, move forward, past is

imprinted, and make space for

the unexpected.

Read a poem by Sandra H.

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